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3 Benefits Of Renting Mobile Imaging

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Renting mobile imaging trailers can have significant advantages over having in-house imaging equipment. If you are looking for a compromise between being more cost-effective and having more resources for patient care, mobile imaging might be the best option.

More Economical

Mobile imaging is a more economical option than a single facility having their own equipment. You can divide time between several locations for non-emergency imaging tests. The mobile imaging trailer may be at a specific location one or two days per week, or even on alternating weeks to cut costs. Once you have a schedule established, you can simply have patients make appointments for their imaging tests. When the need for imaging tests is more urgent, patients may do walk-ins at a hospital or an urgent care center. Just as patients may notice a significant price difference between having imaging tests at a hospital versus an imagining center, the mobile trailer may be a more affordable option for patients.

Increased Outreach

Mobile clinics and special medical events are a popular way to bring more medical services to the uninsured or to those in rural areas who have limited access to care. As an extension of this community outreach, you can include mobile imaging trailers to add more and better services to those less fortunate. A major hurdle with mobile clinics or outreach programs is that even if patients are able to see a doctor and receive a prescription, they may face new hurdles when tests beyond basic blood work are necessary. Even when uninsured people receive free or low-cost primary care services, they may receive a significant bill if imaging tests are ordered through a local hospital. People with limited access to medical care in rural areas may not have transportation to go and have the imaging tests performed.

Access To Better Technology

Sometimes the technology associated with imaging changes, which can lead to more efficient imaging and better diagnoses. Unfortunately, it can be cost-prohibitive for facilities to upgrade to the latest technology, even if the technology would be far superior to what they already have. When you rent a mobile imaging trailer, you can have access to the latest in imaging technology. This can be a deciding factor when a facility is considering the purchase of their own machines. Instead of being stuck with a machine that eventually becomes outdated or requires routine, expensive maintenance, renting is often a better option.

Mobile imaging can be a cost-effective and more efficient imaging solution for facilities that do not have a patient population that has urgent imaging needs. With several benefits to mobile imaging, more facilities may find having their own equipment is no longer necessary.

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