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3 Tips For Taking The Best Care Of Your Hearing Aids

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If you just got hearing aids, it is important that you learn how to take proper care of your hearing aids. Proper care of your hearing aids will extend their usable life and will help keep your hearing aids from malfunctioning.

#1 Keep Your Hearing Aid Earwax Free

It is important to take steps to protect your hearing aid from ear wax. Ear wax, although a natural occurring substance, can be really rough on your hearing aids. You need to install either a wax guard or wax filter on your hearing aids. A wax guard or filter will help prevent wax from getting inside of your hearing aids and damaging the internal components of your hearing aids. You should change out the filter on your hearing airs whenever you start to notice that build-up of earwax is occurring on the filters.

Every night when you take your hearing aids out of your ears before you go to sleep, you should use a cotton swab to remove any earwax that have gotten on your hearing aids throughout the day. Be sure to remove any wax build-up on the microphone and receiver ends of your hearing aids.

#2 Keep Them Away from Moisture

Although many modern hearing aids are water resistant, that doesn't mean that they are water proof. Your hearing aids contain complex technology. The best way to protect this technology is by minimizing your hearing aid's exposure to moisture.

If and when possible, remove your hearing aids when you shower or bath. You should also remove them when you show. If your hearing aids ever do get wet, take them out and dry them off gently with a towel as soon as you can.

In climates with a high degree of humidity in the air, you should store you hearing aids in a hearing aid dehumidifier when you are not using them.

#3 Change Out the Batteries On a Regular Basis

Finally, make sure that you change out the batteries on a regular basis in your hearing aids. Your hearing aid batteries can actually damage your hearing aids if they are left in your hearing aids for too long. Exposure to moisture can cause your hearing aid battery to become corroded. It is a good idea to open the battery door on your hearing aid to air out the space, and remove the batteries if you plan on not using your hearing aids for a few days.

The key to taking good care of your hearing aid is to keep ear wax of your hearing aids, keep your hearing aid dry and keep the batteries dry and fresh as well. Contact a hearing clinic, like Pacific Hearing Care, for more help.