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3 Dental Supplies Every Dentist Needs

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If you have recently been hired as the office manager for a dental office, there are a variety of responsibilities that you'll have to take care of including ordering dental supplies. If you have never had this job before or are unfamiliar with general dentistry, you may not know where to begin. Although the lead dentist will give you a list of things to order, it's nice to know what you can expect to order each and every month. To help you gain a better understanding, this article will list three recurring dental supplies every dentist office needs:

Mouth Mirrors

Dentists have to use new mouth mirrors for every cleaning they perform-- even if it's on the same person. A mouth mirror is a small round mirror that's faceted to the end of a handle. This mirror allows dentists to see the back of your teeth and around the crevices in order to look for plaque, tartar, abscesses, cavities, or any other dental concerns. 

Patient Bibs

Another thing that you will have to order every month are patient bibs. Patient bibs are the thin, disposable bibs that the dentist has to place on top of the patient before each cleaning-- these bibs prevent their shirt from getting dirty during their examination. And because they are disposable, the dentist office will likely go through more bibs that you are aware of. 


No, we are not talking about Dora The Explorer when we say you need to order explorers for your dental office. Explorers are the long, thin, flexible devices, with sharp tips that dentists use to properly examine teeth for decay. One thing to know about explorers is that there are a variety of different kinds of different lengths and strengths of tips. To make sure that you order the right type of explorers for your dentist office, make sure to ask the dentists beforehand so that you can cater to all of their individual patients' needs. 

If you have a new job at a dental office, congratulations are in order! However, just like with any new job there is a learning curve including knowing what dental supplies to order an when. When it comes to ordering dental supplies, one thing is for certain: it's better to have too many than not enough. To learn more about dental supplies or how to order them, contact a dental supplier near you.